Customizable Tetris(tm) on the console

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Welcome to yetris

From the same creator of nSnake, yetris is a customizable Tetris(tm) clone for the console. It aims to follow modern implementations with lots of features and please both casual players and Tetris(tm) enthusiasts.

It has full textual interface, with colors and many features:

  • Customizable by commandline arguments and config file.
  • High score.
  • Up to 6 next pieces.
  • Hold, Combo and back-to-back sequences.
  • Scoring system compliant to the (conjectured) Tetris(tm) Guideline.

yetris is developed on C and ncurses, running on (most) Linux terminals. It currently lacks some expected features but is on active development.

Also, the source code is clean and commented, allowing much better understanding and easing feature-implementation.


Aside from the above links, you can get this project on many source code-hosting websites.


$ cd yetris_folder/
$ make
$ make install

# If you want to test the game before installing
$ make run


fancy borderson windows xpold school - no hold, no ghost, one next pieceon windows 7more customizations - ghost piece and normal piece themeseven more customizationsgame paused

Authors, Support and Contact

Thank you for having interest on this project! You can contact me through the following means:

author: Alexandre Dantas (@alexdantas)